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Come to The Little Gallery in Tairua to meet

Dr Carole Shepheard, Professor Emeritus of

Fine Arts at Auckland University and holder

of an ONZM for her contribution to the visual

arts. Carole opened the 2015 Mercury Bay

Art Escape Open Studio Tour as feature

speaker and is returning with her own work

as the Gallery’s ‘artist in residence’.

Artist in Residence

5th & 6th March

Come and meet Carole during the first

weekend in March to discuss her work, and

the process and techniques she uses. Carole’s

work is held in national and international

collections and her insights are not to be


228 Main Road • Tairua • 07 864 7204







The little GALLERY of fine ARTS

Right, “The Language of Paint” series

Established artists take new directions


Our ‘Road Trip’ artist created paintings of

a specific style – vivid landscapes, historic

buildings and beach tractors – all outlined in

black which we shared in the magazine with

her musings. Months ago, Charlotte completed

this Coromandel series... moving on to paint

large outdoor murals, including the decorative

trimwork under the display windows of Mosaic

Gallery in Whitianga where her art is on display.

Then in ‘publisher mode’, she collected these ‘Road Trip’ and ‘big sky

paintings’, with new ‘art-slanted’ musings, for a book,

Wandering Under

Big Skies

(book launch soon at Mosiac Gallery, see ad at right). Her book

will also be available at Bread & Butter Gallery and Beach Habitat.

Charlotte has been evolving her style of landscape and seascape

painting, and has rendered a series of powerful self-portraits entitled

‘Emerging into the Light’. She is honoured to have recently been named

as a finalist in the Adam Portraiture Award at the NZ Portrait Gallery, and

is looking forward to attending the awards ceremony in Wellington.

Charlotte shares the process of her work on FB, including that of

‘Simpsons Beach’ shown above. Next day, she posted a revised painting

and explained, “I painted over the whole sky, added in birds and a plane,

and – voila! – now it’s FUNNY and happy, not just cutesy.”

Visit Charlotte’s Whitianga art studio on the Mercury Bay Art Escape tour in

March. Also view more of her work and a list of galleries exhibiting her work at an

d on facebook.


The Little Gallery of Fine Arts, Tairua.

Renown and sought-after Tairua artist,

Paula McNeill has often changed her

painting style, but last month, she sent us

photos of recent paintings...but on urns,

200-400 mm tall in grey and white.

On closer inspection we saw there were

painted figures and asked her about her

leap to 3D. “My urns were ‘conceived’

from the desire to create something

‘amusing’ and slightly ‘animated’...

especially for people to enjoy turning them around... ‘taking part’ in the

many ‘antics’, designs and characters that are part of the work. Not like

a painting which ‘sits’ as it is and usually finds a permanent home...and

this is how it should be. But I feel my urns find that special place where

nothing else will ‘fit’ and can be changed to suit.”

As one of the co-founders of Mercury Bay Art Escape, Paula remains very

active in the Coromandel arts scene. Visit her studio during MBAE or by

appointment at 150 Pumpkin Hill, off Sailors Grave Road north of Tairua,

and see the great variety of Paula’s styles and the beautiful environment

where her amazing work is conceived.




Multi-media artist to be

‘artist-in-residence’ at

The Little Gallery of Fine Arts

in Tairua

Dr. Carole Shepheard, Professor Emeritus of Fine

Arts from Auckland University, will be at Tairua’s

Little Gallery of Fine Arts during the Mercury Bay

Art Escape’s first weekend, 5-6 of March.

Dr. Shepheard works in a wide variety of styles –

from prints to paintings, sculpture to exhibition hall installations – and has

taught workshops in numerous media. Visitors can meet her, talk with

her about her life as an artist and also view works shown in the gallery by

other artists with open studios in the Mercury Bay Art Escape tour. See or

visit them on Facebook.

Annette tAyloR

Designer / Florist


07 864 8886


021 103 8681