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I’m The Only One


hitianga raised Peter Latham’s work is well known on the

Coromandel, but this landscape photographer continues to

push the boundaries and has carved out a unique (and seemingly

insurmountable) photo ledge for himself. Peter goes beyond the

‘cutting edge’ with large scale, high definition landscape photography.

We first discovered Peter’s art at Mosaic Gallery in Whitianga and were

immediately awestruck. So impressed with his high-def and ‘larger

than life’ images, we wrote about Peter and his work 2 years ago (see


Then recently we read about some 28m-wide image he was working

on and thought “must be a typo...28 metres?!!”. However, it does

exist. ‘Crystal Clear’, as seen below, is the phenomenal piece created

by Peter for a client’s indoor pool in Russia. He added that “it was

extremely difficult, dealing with both agent and client via text and

email only”. This panorama of Mt. Cook and Lake Pukaki contains

120 overlapping images (4 frames high x 30 wide = a 4GB size

photograph!). And another challenge: Peter shot the scene in Autumn,

returned in Winter to re-shoot the snow capped alps, then placed the

Autumn leaves back onto the bare trees! The result is a 180 degree

panorama that has the same detail as a small enlargement, but

measures 3m high x 28m wide. Imagine swimming with that!

Shooting these scenes is far from simple and requires a lot of

dedication and skill. Peter travels extensively each year in search of

new images, he carries out a lot of planning – and then there is always

an element of luck involved – though Peter adds that you really have

to “make your own luck”, ie. get up early. You sure don’t just turn up

and go “snap!”

Peter might stalk a particular location for several years before he finally

comes home with a great landscape. And he avoids scenes commonly

taken by other photographers, “How many shots have you seen of

that willow at Lake Wanaka?” he says. What you see displayed in his

galleries and website is the result of thousands of hours invested in

scouring our landscape to bring back a unique moment in time.

Not only does Peter print high resolution large landscapes onto canvas

or fine art paper, he can print onto walls of glass and even showers.

Using one of only 3 printers of its type in the world, this superior

process prints directly onto the glass, not to film as is commonly used.

Cover Artist



‘Crystal Clear’ is an incredible

28-metre wall piece created for a

client’s indoor pool in Russia.