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We loved this image, for it screams


But as we looked closer, we realised

Peter’s image offered even more – it truly

embodied a fun-filled Summer day at

Opito Beach... sand castles, buckets and

shovels, boaters everywhere, a boogie

board, tractors, trailers, the light crimson

tips of the pohutukawa blossoms, a saucy

seagull resting on the sand and even a

little red wagon.

It’s one thing to paint these items later on a canvas, but how does

one capture them all in a photo? Sitting in wait for hours for that

perfect instant? We were impressed and excited – we had our cover!


by Peter Latham

The shower installation shown at left of

‘Solitude’ (taken near Lake Hauroko in

Fiordland) is truly beautiful and was shot

from 28 separate frames. This created one

large image with exceptional detail which

allows for these extreme enlargements,

where the detail really astounds people.

Endless possibilities exist for kitchen

splashbacks, feature doors and walls, and

even outdoors!

‘Garden Of Eden’ (shown with Peter top

left) was printed onto fabric in Australia,

stretched around acoustic panels and

installed in a two storey atrium in a rest

home in Wellington. Peter composed this

finely detailed piece from 40 separate

photos, creating a living wall that is utterly striking and life-like.

Peter also completed a major glass installation using ‘Infinity’ of Otama in

an Auckland home, a project spanning over 3 years in design, planning and

installation. Printed onto 15mm low-iron glass (with a 6m wide water weir at

the bottom that emits a perfect sheet of water) – this is a true feat in design

and engineering. The very fine detail creates the illusion that you are actually

sitting at the beach. Amazing! You can view this masterpiece at Peter’s

website (a

nd if you click on his Facebook tab, you can

also view a video clip of the water feature running. It’s so cool!).

Peter’s work is held in a wide variety of impressive corporate collections, both

nationally and internationally. He regularly ships his work overseas (tax free),

with thousands of clients scattered around the globe (including the family of

the famous Swiss camera manufacturer, Hasselblad!).

Peter exhibits in 15 gallery locations throughout NZ, and on the Coromandel

you can view his work at Mosaic Gallery in Whitianga and Weta Design in

Coromandel. View Peter’s extensive collection and learn more about his

craft online at

Unsure of what might suit your specific space? Peter superimposes prints

onto a photo of your wall, eliminating guesswork and making it easy to

visualise your choices. Contact him through his website to arrange a free


Milly’s on Main


236 Main Road in Tairua



522 Pollen Street in Thames