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iAN prEEcE


Kuaotunu’s ian Preece

specialises in nature

photography of the

coromandel such as

‘Milky way over Matarangi’

featured above. astro-

photography is particularly rewarding due to

the clarity of the air with great vantage points

for the Milky way. he runs photographic field

workshops of 1 to 4 days duration aimed at all

levels from beginner to expert.

MONiquE rusH


Painting, acrylics,


mosaic, garden

art, jewellery, art


Monique is one

of the tour’s most versatile artists. “Years of

practice and many commissions have evolved

my ability to create a wide range of subjects.”

everyone will find something to love in her

whitianga studio. Birds, landscape and classic

cars. Monster and fish characters. Mosaic and

flax weave. clever garden art and sculptures.

Designer art cushions with a crafty flair. even

jewellery with miniature artworks inside.


pAM MuNdEll


recently we moved

to whitianga,”

shares Pam.

“i’m interested in

exploring the play

of light on complex

surfaces. i enjoy

playing with reality – creating works that may or

may not be real. i use a range of approaches.

when i imagine a scene, i think about the

effects i want to achieve, and use oils, acrylics,

brushes, palette knives and other tools and

media, to create them”.

KAy EvisON

Painting, gLass, faBric

acrylics, dichroic fused

glass pendants, printed


“i have now been painting

for 8 years. sometimes my

work is loose and playful

with warm vibrant colours,

and others precise and

meditative. some have a braille message hidden

amongst the dots. each painting creates its own

journey, and i never know where my art takes

me until the final brushstroke”. Kay’s studio

is located in whitianga.

suE prEstON


sue Preston works with

in etching and dry point

engraving, which she

learned at the waikato

society of arts. “i enjoy

the complex process

of producing a printing

plate, especially etching

with acid onto a zinc

plate, inking the plate and

running it through the press. it is an exciting

moment, culminating in seeing the finished

print as you peel up the paper - but not always

getting the anticipated result”. sue, who also

works with watercolour and chalk pastel, has

her studio in tairua.



“i have been working on

and off for 25 years for

different studios both

in new Zealand and

australia. currently i am

working with earthenware

clays both for hand built

sculptural pieces as well

as thrown domestic ware such as bowls and

mugs”. Visit Vanessa’s studio in whenuakite.


GAry NEviN

- POtterY

gary’s ‘attack of the Killer fantails’ sculpture featured on

the 2017 guide is made of cement fondue, finished with

paint effects. standing 110cm, it is gary’s interpretation of a

biblical, saintly figure.

Visit his studio and garden shop (a triple whammy of artists

including alan rhodes Pottery and Michalea Palacios with

her lampworked glasswork) at 1307 sh25.

clAirE ElliOt


Kuaotunu artist claire elliot specialises in

metallic seascapes such as ‘image rocks at

Kuaotunu Boat ramp’ – mainly local scenes

using metallic paint.

Meet claire in her studio in the lovely Otama

beach area. she loves talking about her

work and you are welcome to linger and

enjoy a picnic nearby. take a 6 minute drive

from Kuaotunu over the Blackjack, enjoy the

spectacular coastal views and stop along

the white sands of Otama Beach.

trEvOr bAyly

Visitors to trevor’s hahei studio will be treated

to a variety of media including photography,

drawings and painting. Of particular interest

will be his striking images taken in antarctica

when he visited on a russian icebreaker

in february 2016. trevor has managed to

capture the enormity of the icebergs as seen

in ‘iceberg encounter’.