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It ’ s Y O UR C o r oma nde l L i f e !

We want this to be a group project we can all be proud of – for the region, from the region.

get involved.

As a reader. As a contributor (writer / photographer / artist / news source).

As an advertiser. As a distributor. Tell us your ideas.

- Tovi Daly

Contact us at (07) 864 9908 or by email at

Photo by Greg Daly


New Year!

rience Grand Mercure Puka Park Resort



Places to Be

Puka Park Resort

Coromandel Peninsula

Grand Mercure

Accor Vacation ClubApartments

+64 7 864 8088


Mount Avenue, Pauanui Beach

Coromandel Peninsula NZ

Miha is Grand Mercure Puk a

Park’s signature restaurant and is

renowned for its superb dining

and stunning views.

This unique resort can cater for your

every need from a casual meal on the

deck celebrating with friends to your

unforgettable conference needs and

team building events, not forgetting

one of the Coromandels premiere

wedding venues.




Grand Mercure Puka Park Resort




In the happy spirit of Christmas, we wanted to share these clever

song lyrics we fell in love with...

Now Sticky Beak the kiwi, that bird from way down under

He’s caused a great commotion and it isn’t any wonder

He’s notified old Santa Claus to notify the deer

That he will pull the Christmas sleigh in the southern hemisphere.


Lots of toys for girls and boys load the Christmas sleigh

He will take the starlight trail along the Milky Way.

Hear the laughing children as they shout aloud with glee:

‘Sticky Beak, Sticky Beak, be sure to call on me.’

Now every little kiwi, and every kangaroo, too,

The wallaby, the weka, and the platypus and emu,

Have made themselves a Christmas tree with stars and shining bright,

So Sticky Beak will see the way to guide the sleigh tonight.

Now Sticky Beak the kiwi, that Maori-land dictator,

Will not allow Rudolph’s nose this side of the equator

So when you hear the sleigh bells ring you’ll know that he’s the boss,

And Sticky Beak will pull the sleigh beneath the Southern Cross.

Greg and Tovi Daly

Whew! It was five years ago we started


and over a year ago that

we expanded under the new branding


Coromandel Life

– more pages and

more circulation to include the entire


It has been gratifying to feel the

momentum growing from your input,

and we are excited about where it might

lead us. Our fourth issue is now in your

hands and we feel it is starting to take

on a life of its own – like a child being

‘raised by the village’ of Coromandel, it’s

developing its own personality and soul.

The more we research our articles, the

more we discover that we want to share.

What started out as a three page piece

about entertaining the kids this Summer

– rain or shine – ended up a 16-pager.

We hope you find it a valuable resource

to save for future reference. We now feel

excited to get out and experience these

locations ourselves.

Our next issue will continue our popular

“Road Trip” series with artist Charlotte

Giblin, focusing next on Coromandel

Town south to the Thames region where

history and interest abounds.

Ending the year in gratitude

The new year is a time to be grateful

for what we have and to move forward

with hopes and dreams for the future.

Although the magazine sometimes takes

up more time than I want it to, I am

thankful to be doing something I love,

and as May West said – “Too much of a

good thing can be wonderful”.

And I get to wake each morning in one of

the most beautiful places on earth with

a terrific partner – working with fabulous

people I enjoy, admire and respect.

Even if I’d like to have a bit more time to

explore the beaches and walk the trails,

I do get to gaze at it every day from my


Thanks for your support while we ‘trim

the sails’ to set course for the new year.

We appreciate so many of you taking

the time to phone us to let us know we

are “doing it right” and saying we are

“the best thing that’s happened to the

Coromandel”. It is ‘food for our soul’ to

hear the glowing comments and know

that we are on the right track and in the

in flow of life –

Coromandel Life


Wishing you a happy & fun holiday!

Sticky Beak the Kiwi

Gisborne songwriter and folk singer Bob Edwards wrote the words in the hope of producing a Christmas song for NZ children. Another local, Neil

Roberts, set the words to music. Gisbourne’s fourteen year old Julie Nelson was selected to be the vocalist and recorded the hit song in 1961.