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Create your own group tour or cruise – whether

two or forty two.


ave you put off booking that trip you

always wanted to take because the

advert said ‘group tour’? Think again.

Travelling with an organised tour group today

is a vastly different experience than in the past

– one that can provide great benefits and lots

of extras, while bringing you a world of new

experiences and pleasure.

Tour guides have an amazing knowledge of the

regions you are to visit – where to eat, what

to see, history and more – and often share

information with other tour guides in the area.

Like a particular viewing opportunity coming

up that would allow you the chance to sit back

and enjoy the ride. Don’t forget that tours

often get early entry into museums and other

attractions which means less crowds.

Group payment options are also helpful when

you are planning 12-18 months in advance,

especially for anyone who prefers not to pay in

full immediately yet wants to take advantage of

special airfares, or those ineligible for Q card

for early payment. Whilst group fares may be

slightly more than the latest offer, it gives you

the opportunity to secure a set fare and seats

on a flight with just a deposit and, at a much

later date, provide the balance and names of

those travelling in the group.


Create your own group! Taking the whole family

on a cruise is a way to ensure that everyone

is going to have a wonderful time. You can

book adjoining staterooms, and perhaps one

could include a suite with a lounge and extra

bed, to create a family meeting area. You can

easily include everyone from the oldest to the

youngest generation, as a ship has activities for

all ages, multiple dining options and plenty of

places on board to have fun together, or apart,

as well as the diverse shore excursions.

On a Tahitian cruise it was wonderful to see an

extended family, taking their elderly grandfather

kayaking whilst the children snorkelled around

with the stingrays – what fantastic memories

they were creating.

Book in advance and it may be possible to

create a group that includes you on certain

cruises, giving you the group fare benefits

such as your own stateroom, and allows other

travellers the same, even though they book

independently of you. And you won’t even have

to interact with other members of the group

as you travel – you won’t even know who they

are. It’s just one of the benefits of booking with

accredited cruise specialists like us that have

the contacts and the knowledge.


A small tour is a fantastic opportunity to

take your children on a holiday that not only

includes family time but also gives them a

wonderful experience of the world at large.

There are companies that run specialised

family holidays too. Instead of lying on a beach

somewhere for 10 days, pack up your family

and maybe a friends’ family and head off for a

wonderful adventure somewhere exotic.

What about China, Vietnam or India? These

small tours offer an amazing opportunity to

explore a new country full of colourful heritage,

animals, food and history – and they can be

very economical, as you are travelling on a

group airfare and enjoying special hotel and

tour rates.

Packages can be created for specialised

groups – whether small or large – to sporting

fixtures, musical or theatre productions, school

groups for cultural or language learning. The

opportunities are endless.

For some companies the term ‘small group’

means sharing a bus with 45 other people.

For others it may mean 10-16, while in some

cases tour companies will often provide the

same tour as brochured for just two travellers.

It will cost more for only two people to have a

guide, but if it’s your dream journey, travelling

with a guide will ensure that you don’t miss out

on local knowledge, the real facts, history and

other hidden treasures. So bring that dream to

us and we’ll create the trip especially for you.

Watch out though – if enough of your friends

like your idea, you might all end up becoming a

tour group of your own!

YOU Travel Whitianga

can arrange packages for almost every show and

sporting event around the world. Whether there is 1 of you or a group of 101 –

the team can help! To get you inspired some popular events are: Castrol Gold

Coast 600, Melbourne Cup, NRL Grand Final, Australian Tennis Open, Arsenal Tour

2017, Opera & Theatre shows across Australia, Sydney Sevens, Brisbane Global 10’s

and the F1 Australian Grand Prix.



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Benefits & Misconceptions

by Monett Johnston (YOU Travel Whitianga)