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ur cover painting by Jeanne-Marie Cantereau of the

rascally Tui bird is half of a diptych, ‘NZ Personalities’,

that won second place in watercolours at the 2015

Franklin Arts Festival. Joining the Tui in this two-painting

set was the Kereru, or wood pigeon, pictured below.

It has been a delight to know Jeanne-Marie over the

years and we have appreciated her various contributions


Coromandel Life

including paintings of the majestic

hillside Thames War Memorial and the Burke Street Wharf.

Although this talented artist is pleased to have won

several art awards recently, she says, “It is the icing on

the cake; I really paint and exhibit only for the



painting – the pleasure of creating something new!”

Jeanne-Marie hails from France where she worked at

the Grenoble University located near the north-western

region of Italy. “While there, I had the good fortune to

attend night classes at the Ecole des Beaux Arts and


plein air

(painting in open air) workshops in the

French Alps. From these, the

plein air

painting became

my favourite way to paint.”

In 2002, Jeanne-Marie left France, to settle in Thames.

“Coming from a big city to Thames was a big change, the

best for me. I love the Coromandel, a very inspiring and

beautiful place. I feel very lucky to live here, and have

wonderful close and supportive friends who helped me

in my new life.”

In 2007, she started to paint again, published an illustrated book –


Cooking in New Zealand,

and became increasingly active in the local art scene.

In 2012, Jeanne-Marie created the Parawai watercolour group. “I still lead the

group, and we meet every Wednesday in the Parawai Church Hall.”

For years, Jeanne-Marie has worked with the Thames Society of Arts gallery

as curator, committee member and volunteer. “This has been a pleasant way to

meet other artists and the public – and also perfect to display my watercolours.”

This past year, she and husband Peter moved to a home near the shore at

historic Tararu where she has opened her own studio/gallery. “Living close to the

water allows me to enjoy daily walks on the beach where I can observe bird life,

and admire and paint the different colours of the sea and the sky.”

Why watercolour, rather than the more forgiving oils or acrylic? “What I love

in watercolour is its transparency, the fact we can treat all the subjects from

abstract to realistic in different ways. Every watercolour is an adventure which

can be either fantastic ... or finish in the bin!”

Jeanne-Marie encourages visitors at the studio at 102 Robert Street in Thames.

Besides exhibiting her paintings, she offers monthly workshops and personal

tuitions. Look for the red sign board at the corner of Tararu Road. “If you do not

see the ‘open’ sign, I may be on the beach or painting

plein air

. Give me a call.”

Also view her paintings at The Little Gallery of Fine Arts in Tairua

and the Thames Society of Arts on the SH25 coastal road

3km north of Thames. Contact her on 021 023 827 23 or

online at .

Jeanne-Marie Cantereau

Cover Artist