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e at Coromandel Life have been ardent admirers of

Grant’s work for several years, attracted by the almost

photographic realness of his coastal scenes. You feel as if

you could walk right into his paintings and feel the glistening

waves wash over your feet. His pohutukawa blossoms tempt

you to touch them. So when Grant agreed to complete a

‘custom’ painting for our Holiday issue –

something that screamed “Kiwi Summer

Holiday” – we were rapt.

Every work shares an experience beyond

the landmarks, “something that recalls a

favourite place or a forgotten memory,”

says Grant. A recent work, “Naki Time”,

portrays a humorous display of sea beaten

jandels, sure to remind the viewer of one

lost long ago.

It’s difficult to believe that Grant is a self

taught artist with no formal training. We

are pleased he has pursued this amazing

natural gift so we all get to benefit.

His work has a cutting edge and

distinctive flair that one might describe

as ‘overwhelming realism’. We’ve asked

ourselves when viewing scans of Grant’s

paintings, oils on canvas, “Is this really a

painting, and not a photograph?”

Grant’s paintings have an arresting quality

beyond the allure of the realism and

exquisite technique – usually featuring well

known scenic landmarks, yet sometimes

having an overall abstract quality as well,

with broad swaths of textures and colours.

A large plain of rounded shore stones with

shiny wet contrasts, set against a clear blue sky. The thousand

petals of pohutakawa blossoms sparkling against shadowy

depths, the rough bark, the warm sands, the spacious horizon.

Our Cover Artist

Grant Simpson

What more could a Kiwi wish for – sun, sand,

beautiful blue water and Pohutukawa trees in

bloom”, says Grant.

In our cover painting, “Summer Feeling, Simpsons Beach”,

Motukorure (Centre) Island can be seen on the horizon

through the pohutukawa blossoms we all love and recognise

– iconic to the Coromandel. Grant is shown at right in his

studio with the painting partially complete.

Bread &Butter Gallery

and on


26 Albert St, Whitianga • P: 07 866 4927

Bread & Butter Gallery

permanent artists

original works available year round

Fine Art Painting, Ceramic, Glass and Sculpture

selected from 60+ NZ artists

Check website for available works and exhibits

Mara Hermann

Michael D. Smither

Ginny Deavoll

Sousie Speerstra

Ian Calloway

Jennie de Groot

Michael D. Smither

Grant Simpson

Steven Carson

Professor and artist Carole Shepheard

to launch 2015 Mercury Bay Art Escape

Dr Carole Shepheard

, Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts at Auckland

University and holder of ONZM for her contribution to the visual arts,

is featured speaker to open the 2015 Mercury Bay Art Escape Open

Studio Tour. The opening night fundraiser, at Hot Water Beach’s Hot

Waves Cafe, is slated for the 6th of March.

Carole is an artist, educator and writer living and working in Kawhia

where she runs Te Puti Art Studio. Best known for printmaking, her

work is held in national and international collections and presently

exhibited in Sydney.

Carole enjoys being

part of a small

community and puts

particular value on the

work being done by

artists outside large

cities where she

Proof of Intent


Media Print, 201