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We have long admired Waihi artist Paul Herbert’s style and the fun feeling his works

evoke, so upon receiving a preview in January of his new painting, “Flight of Fancy”,

we knew we’d found our next cover.

Paul loves to distort some of his chosen subjects, making them fit his style, and

enjoys making them appear a bit ‘wonky’. We were thrilled when he confirmed the

birds in this new work were indeed tui. What synchronicity! – as a special tui feature

had already been planned for this issue (see following pages).

Paul mentioned that returning to art after

a lapse of all those years was like “a ’70’s

retro time warp!”. After studying at the

School of Design, Wellington (1971-

72), he was inspired and influenced by

artists such as renowned Coromandel

artist Michael Smither, Robin White, Don

Binney, Rita Angus, and

Dean Buchanan



Several years following recovery from a

triple bypass, Paul craved a more laid

back lifestyle, one preferably close to

the ocean and surf. He sold his home in

Cambridge and moved to Waihi Beach in

2014, where he opened a home studio,

Gallery27, at 27 Fyfe Road.

The gallery is open daily in summer,

weekends in winter (look for the open

flag), and all year by appointment. He

would be delighted to show his current

works, discuss painting a commission, or

even plan a graphic arts project.

Also view his art at The Little Gallery (Tairua),

Inspirit Gallery (Hamilton), Matapihi Gallery

(Raglan), and Helena Bay Gallery (Northland).

Reach Paul at 021 235 8988, 07 863 4114

or an

d see more art

online at or

Facebook at


‘Flight of Fancy’, 710mm x 570mm, is acrylic

on canvas. Interested in purchasing the

original or limited edition prints? Contact Paul.

“The driving force behind this painting

is my passion for the sea, surfing, the

bush, native wildlife, and the tui which

have been a big part of my life and my

environment,” Paul shares.

“We lived in Cambridge close to the

Maungakawa Reserve where dozens

of tui gathered in a large Japanese

walnut tree to eat, play and court,”

he remembers. “Their wild and mad

aerobatics – along with their loud

squawks and beautiful sounding bellows

– dominated the air around the trees!”

Paul used an acrylic paint ‘dry brush’

method found in all of his paintings. “I

endeavour to put visual energy into the

shapes so they connect to each other

without actually joining.”

He formulates a style heavily influenced

by both his graphic design skills and

a fascination with nature’s ‘jumbled

randomness’ of shapes and colours. Paul

reinterprets these into a more ordered

form in his paintings’ structure. Repetition

of the Nikau palm, for instance, allowed

for segmentation of the painting, a tie

back to his graphic arts style of ‘ordered


After almost 30 years of running a graphic

design business (Graphic Eyes Limited),

Paul decided to get back to some of his

grass root passions of painting, carving

and surfing.

Milly’s on Main

07 864 7464

236 Main Road, Tairua


07 868 9063

522 Pollen Street, Thames

See our website and facebook for more new arrivals

Paul Herbert

Cover Artist