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Photo by Ian Patrick

There are so many things to love about our tui! How they just ‘appear’

either by flying right in front of you, or that distinctive sound of their

wings as they power upward through the trees, or how all of a

sudden the air is just filled with their songs and warbles as they

talk to us in all their different ways.

And what an inspiration for artists. Our cover art this issue

features Waihi artist Paul Herbert’s delightful depiction of

the swooping tui, and our Spring 2016 cover featured

a watercolour of this beloved bird by Thames artist

Jeanne-Marie Cantereau, who captures the

essence of its cheekiness.

We admit to being smitten by this unique

endemic bird and it was lovely to hear

that so many of our readers from

around the globe are passionate

about our tui as well.

The iridescent tui with its double

voice box reflects the nation’s

rambunctous character.