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not what these keen young men envisaged when they signed up. The

Turks had the home advantage of handy reinforcements, roads, real

cooked meals, and ample water. The ANZACs were supplied by ship, but

had water rations and faced meals of tinned meat and biscuits. Many

were “unfit for service” by campaign’s end.

In spite of repeated naval and land assaults, the Allies were not able

to take the peninsula, nor the strait, and eventually had to accept the

fruitlessness of their efforts. As winter snows arrived, the Gallipoli units

were evacuated in stages that December. To confound the enemy they

used a touch of Kiwi ingenuity, securing rifles atop the trenches, rigged

with a water dripping contraption whose weight pulled the trigger long

after the soldiers had left.

And what of Winston Churchill? He was forced to resign from the Cabinet

and suffered the anger of soldiers for his disastrous plan. Anger may

have been initially directed at the Turks, but actually a mutual respect

for valour grew between the sides, even during the heavy battles. When

Churchill did return to the House of Commons years later, he was

frequently heckled “what about the Dardanelles?!!”

Battle sites are preserved, cemeteries abound

In the final count of the campaign, NZ suffered 2,779 dead, with 5,212

wounded. During the same time, 8,709 Australians were killed and 19,441

wounded. The United Kingdom and France also made little headway on

their two fronts, and suffered great losses with 31,000 deaths.

For the Turks, despite their 87,000 deaths, defending their home territory

successfully became a defining moment in their national identity. Mustafa

Kemal Ataturk leveraged his successful command of the Turkish forces

at Gallipoli to become the nation’s visionary founding president. The

battlefields, so littered with corpses that the entire area is considered a

cemetery, were designated a Turkish national park and the trenches are

still being mapped and excavated by battlefield archaeologists.

In 1934, Kemal spoke at the 20th anniversary of the campaign with these

words, now carved at a memorial overlooking the beach at Anzac Cove.

“You, the mothers, who sent their sons from faraway countries, wipe

away your tears; your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in

peace. After having lost their lives on this land they have become our

sons as well.”

Gallipoli and its 21 cemeteries and monuments are now the destination

of many international travel tours and the battle ridges crawl with tour

buses while descendents from both sides look for family grave markers.

The daybreak memorial service at Gallipoli on ANZAC Day has grown in

popularity to such an extent that limits have been set on how many may

attend (10,500 this year). We found several local Conservation Volunteers

who were going, providing logistics for the ceremony at the cove.

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The Homecoming from Gallipoli

Less than three months after the initial Anzac Cove landing, the first

wave of Kiwi wounded arrived by troopship. This 1916 oil at right

shows the July 15 arrival of the SS


in Wellington from

the Gallipoli Peninsula. A sobering sight for all those cheering on

their returning boys.


eparture of the Hospital Ship



Watercolour, 1915.

Those at home went all out to support the war effort. Kiwis

raised funds for medical supplies and to convert passenger

liners into hospital ships, such as the HS


. She sailed for

Anzac Cove in August 2015 to treat and transport the wounded

to Lemnos, the island hospital base. Above, some of the Kiwi

nursing sisters aboard the



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